Launching Kitaracha – Media Production Project in Honor of His Majesty the King, Aiming to Promote His Majesty's Musical Talents amongst Thai People

It is globally known that His Majesty the King expressed a keen interest in music from a very young age, not only did he listen to music for pleasure, but also practiced writing musical notes and playing classical music as well as studied biography of world famous musicians. His musical talents, in composing music and playing a wide array of musical instruments, has become widely known and received international recognition when the esteemed Institute of Music and Arts of the City of Vienna in Austria honored His Majesty the King with the Institute's 23rd Honorary Membership in 1964.

All 48 of His Majesty’s royal compositions are meaningful and interesting. Some were composed to help lift the spirits and raise the morale of his people, some were written for entertainment, and some to instill the patriotism in the Thai people.

To honor His Majesty and raise awareness about his great musical talents, Boon Rawd Brewery and Singha Corporation has organized “Kitaracha”, a media production project in honor of His Majesty the King. The press conference of the project was recently held and honored by Privy Councilor HE Admiral ML Usni Pramoj who presided over the event and conducted the performance of His Majesty’s royal compositions by Pro Musica quartet at the Ballroom of Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok on June 26, 2014 at 3 pm.

Vapee Bhirombhakdi, vice chairman of Boon Rawd Brewery, on behalf of the project’s committee, said, “We are well aware of the great musical talents of His Majesty the King and the Thai people all know that the songs which His Majesty has composed uplift the spirits, bring happiness and inspire great things to our society. His talents are recognized internationally, and we, the Thai people, are greatly delighted by such recognition. Being grateful for the royal grace, we have a strong determination to produce the media to honor His Majesty’s musical talents. Kitaracha consists of three main activities – television documentary in honor of His Majesty focusing on the inspiration from His Majesty’s songs expressed by those in the music industry, Pro Musica Junior Camp supported by Boon Rawd Brewery to improve the classical music circle in Thailand by selecting talented youths nationwide, who usually do not have opportunities and support, to get training and practice the royal compositions by His Majesty, and the production of the music videos “The Heart of Our Father” collection, written and sung by talented artists.

The details of the Kitaracha - a media production project in honor of His Majesty the King are as follows:

- Television documentary in honor of His Majesty, 10 episodes, two minutes long each, telling the stories about His Majesty's musical talents and his inspirational songs including Klai Roong (Near Dawn), Chata Chevit (H.M. Blues), Lom Nao (Love in Spring), Waew (Echo), Duang Jai Kub Kwam Rak (Heart and Love) and Saeng Thian (Candlelight Blues). Great musicians are interviewed including Privy Councillor HE Admiral ML Usni Pramoj, Pongprom Snitwong na Ayuthaya, Dr Pathorn Srikaranonda, Chanyapong Thongsawang, Chatree Kongsuwan, Yarinda Bunnag, Eve "Palmy" Pancharoen, Arnon "Poo" Saisaengjan from Blackhead, and Pongkul "Pop" Suebsueng.

- Pro Musica Junior Camp supported by Boon Rawd Brewery to improve the classical music circle in Thailand by selecting talented youths nationwide to practice the songs composed by His Majesty.

- Music videos in honor of His Majesty titled "The Heart of Our Father" collection, composed and sung by talented artists such as Asanee Chotikul and Eve "Palmy" Pancharoen, with lyrics written by Music Union label, and videos directed by Kanchit Sopchokchai, to raise awareness about His Majesty’s numerous duties over the several decades and his dedication for the well-being of the Thai people. It is time for all Thai people to perform their duty the best they can in order to take care of the country, which is His Majesty’s and our treasure.

The event also included a talk about His Majesty’s musical talents and showcased a preview of the documentary in the Kitaracha project, as well as music videos from "The Heart of Our Father" collection. The talk was joined by Ajarn Tasana Nagavajara, director of Pro Musica Junior Camp , who talked about the project and its objective.

Witness His Majesty’s great musical talents together via the activities in the Kitaracha, a media production project in honor of His Majesty the King. The music video “The Heart of Our Father” has begun airing since June 26, 2014. The documentary “Kitaracha” will be broadcasted on July 1-4, July 7-11 and July 14, 2014 on Channel 5's Hard Core News program from 6 pm to 6.30 pm; after the 7.55 pm to 8.15 pm News From Royal Court program time slot; on Thairath TV channel's Parade Banterng program from 7.15 pm to 7.45 pm; and on Nation Channel's Khao Khon Khon Nation program from 9.30 pm to 10.45 pm