Singha Corporation Co., Ltd. aim to develop human resources for the country with the concept, “quality people, quality society”. With this in mind, Singha Corporation has launched this competition, “Singha English Challenge,” to equip Thai teenagers with English to help them expand their knowledge and be ready to enter AEC and the world’s labour market effectively in the future.

    The Singha English Challenge associated with British Council to offer the opportunity for teenagers to develop their potential and skills. Teenagers can use this opportunity to make a good relationship with students from other universities, experts, and professionals from different occupations and have a better opportunity to find jobs and build a support network to help each other in the future.
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Singha Academy
The SINGHA ACADEMY is responsible for analyzing, planning and implementing educational projects for SINGHA. Our goal is to deliver the "SINGHA REAL EXPERIENCE" to groups of people from our society in order to promote education and the commitment to benefit Thailand by providing learning experiences for the members of our society. SINGHA ACADEMY is recognized by many organizations and educational institutes as the esteemed part of SINGHA that provides this high quality education.

The SINGHA ACADEMY has conducted three pilot programs of vocational education in Thailand which include:

The SINGHA ACADEMY worked in collaboration with the Thai Ministry of Transport and the Department of Land
Transport in an effort to conduct projects that will benefit our society such as:

SINGHA ACADEMY has also conducted projects that aim to promote the exchange of working experience and
knowhow between middle and higher level management departments related to marketing, such as
the "ELITE TALK" project, in order to support the company's "Synergy" policy.